A L L - F E M A L E   B R A Z I L I A N - I N S P I R E D  D R U M  G R O U P



At the tail end of 2012 I got the call,  “Come teach my young drum students how to Samba.” I saw an opportunity and jumped on it. Little did this drum instructor know that I had been secretly hoping for my very own drum group that would eventually pave the way to becoming a self sufficient dance company capable of drumming for  drum for themselves. I said yes to teaching Samba and he said yes to the vision! Well,  if he said no I didn’t hear it, and we pushed forward. I met with the dancers and said, “Girls it’s time to drum.” We’ve never looked back. We started from scratch and after many hours of blood, sweat, blisters, broken drum heads and earplugs , Muvuca (at that time ASM) was born. I’ll never take lightly the contribution made by Pedro Ha and the endless hours he dedicated to us.  He introduced us to our wonderful Maestro Marcus Santos of Grooversity and we are honored to be a part of his dynamic ‘university’. 

Since our humble beginnings we’ve played countless outdoor festivals, weddings, theatre performances, private parties and the list goes on. In 2014 April Maclean joined the group and with just the right amount of sass became our rhythm director and she along with our fabulous section leaders have come up along side me creating the momentum comparable to wild magnificent horses to keep this amazing group 17 women deep,  ever moving ever evolving. Muvuca is a force!

-Julie Simon,  Founder/ Artistic Director 



3737 Main St
Riverside, CA 92501
United States

Phone: 562-556-4489
Artistic Director: Julie Simon
Email: juliesimondance[at]yahoo.com